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Nonprofit Marketing

Nonprofit organizations today face similar challenges that private businesses do. Many nonprofits have become obsolete as a result of reduction in federal funding, donor fatigue, increased pressures from competing grassroots and celebrity charities, technology-based and global nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, governmental and nongovernmental agencies (NGOs). Global economic pressures, and changing laws and regulations, further complicate matters.  

Still, the necessity for nonprofit organizations and programs prevail as current, latent, and prior needs arise. These issues have led many nonprofit organizations to seek strategic marketing resources in order to improve their chances for success and long-term survival.    

​Through our marketing services, Bena•Factor Marketing℠ strives to help nonprofit organizations grow, build long-term relationships with customers/participants, donors, volunteers, patrons, and communities, and improve operating efficiencies. We strive to add value to the clients we serve. 

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