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Artist/Arts & Entertainment Marketing and Management

Our lives are enriched by creative spirits, artists and artisans, who make things out of nearly nothing. Their works come in all shapes, forms, and manners, and inspire those it affects to gain experiential references that influence all aspects of life. Artists create ideas and works that please or challenge us to think and feel in some kind of way.  

Bena•Factor Marketing℠ offers services that assist artists, artisans, and art-related organizations in all areas of marketing mentioned here -- from idea and design management to physical and digital and mobile marketing solutions, including product distribution and customer relationship building. We work in all genres, including fine arts, decorative arts, performance and entertainment, and digital/interactive arts. Strategic solutions are customized to fit the specific needs of the creative and project at hand.  

Bena•Factor Marketing℠ helps clients in the arts and entertainment industries find strategic solutions to marketing challenges, that include, but are not limited to, sales growth, operational efficiency, building customer awareness, customer relationships and loyalty with individual consumers, and corporate and organizational customers. 

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